Blocked Drains in Wahroonga, Hornsby

Tom Fransen has owned North Wahroonga Plumbing for 25 years. We service areas such as Hornsby, Hornsby Heights, Berowra, Warrawee and Turramurra. We at North Wahroonga Plumbing have the latest drain clearing equipment, whether you need your drain cleared with an electric eel, water jet or just need your drain plunged.

North Wahroonga Plumbing can solve your blocked drain issue, we have every type of blocked drain equipment, Tom and Gary can solve all your blocked drains, blocked toilets or smelly floor drains.

Most blockages in sewer drains are caused by broken pipes, tree roots, collapsed lines or grease.

Call North Wahroonga Plumbing if you have the following blockage problems:

  • Overflowing Drains
  • Blocked Drain on Driveway
  • Blocked Stormwater¬†
  • Blocked Toilet
  • Slow draining showers
  • Overflow in Bathrooms
  • Blocked Kitchen Sinks
  • Blocked Basin
  • Blocked Downpipes

North Wahroonga plumbing has the latest sewer cleaning equipment: High pressure water jets, electric eels, pipe locators and drain cameras.

Tom and Gary have been working together for over three years and always strive to give 110%. We offer a same day service or an after hours service.

North Wahroonga Plumbing are honest and on time plumbers with knowledge and skill to get your drain cleared in the most efficient manner. We offer a high standard and quality service.


High pressure water jet, electric eel, hand eel.

North Wahroonga Plumbing give good old fashioned service. We come when we say we will and strive to give clear communication.

Call North Wahroonga Plumbing, we are waiting for your call: 0413 946 899.

At North Wahroonga Plumbing our trucks are fitted with satellite tracking and as such we are able to ensure we can always send the closest truck to you. This allows us to get started on solving your issue as soon as possible.


We at North Wahroonga Plumbing have the latest drain cameras to inspect your drain to find the tree root blockage or obstruction or root intrusion. Our drain camera shows cracked pipes or squashed sewer lines.

At North Wahroonga Plumbing we can clear your drain with an electric eel. Electric Eels are used when the tree roots are really stubborn. Australian native trees like wattle and bottlebrush have very tough roots and in conjunction with a drain camera, water jet and an electric eel we can clear your blocked drain.


When sewer smells permeate through the house, it’s likely caused by an opening to the sewer system. This can be from under a toilet, through a sink, a shower or a floor drain. North Wahroonga Plumbing needs to come and inspect the problem and work out the best course of action.


North Wahroonga Plumbing offer reasonable rates and always give quality, five star service. We always aim to achieve a high level of customer service.


  • Eels
  • Water Jetters
  • Pipe Locators
  • CCTV Drain Cameras
  • Excavators
  • Pumps
  • Plungers
  • PPE

Call North Wahroonga Plumbing today if you have a blocked drain!

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