Hot Water Heater in Wahroonga, Hornsby

Do you have a damaged Hot Water Heater in Wahroonga or Hornsby?

North Wahroonga Plumbing specialise in installing all types of storage and instantaneous hot water heaters. The heaters we mainly install are:

  • Instantaneous – The types of Rinnai‘s are B26, B16 and B20.
  • Rheem – They make Rheem storage hot water heaters starting at fifty litres, 125 litres, 250 litres, 315 litres, 400 litres. Rheem also make instantaneous hot water heaters.
  • And more…

North Wahroonga Plumbing can replace any type of Hot Water Heater you may have. Usually we get called when a customers hot water heater breaks or no longer supplies hot water.

Hot Water Heater

The standard procedure is that North Wahroonga Plumbing comes to the customer’s house, inspects the heater, sometimes the heater’s element or thermostat or unitrol or thermocouple has failed so we just replace the specific part to get the heater back up and running again.

Quite often the customer tells us that the heater is spewing out water from either the top or the bottom of the tank. So we can work out straight away whether the heater can be repaired or it needs to be replaced. So make sure you call North Wahroonga Plumbing now on 0413 946 899.

We just did a job the other day, we did a service on this Vulcan hot water heater. The heater was a 2007 model, 135 litre, natural gas, with storage and a 5 year warranty. As the heater was 13 years old we advised the customer that it would be a good idea to change the anode on the heater.

After removing the anode from the top of the heater, we found that the anode was completely gone. We replaced the anode and the customer was very surprised at how the old anode had completely been eaten away.

In the heater specifications, anodes are supposed to be changed every five years. This is in order to prevent the very problem our customer had been suffering from.

If you need your anode changed be sure to call North Wahroonga Plumbing on…

CALL 0413 946 899